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Hello there!
I'm a computer science student and programmer living in Boston, Massachusetts.


I'm a fifth year computer science student at Northeastern University. I work hard and make things.

In my free time, I like to hack on my own projects, like my army of Twitter bots. I open source all of my code, and you can check it out on GitHub! I also love to encourage women in the technical fields, cook, and rescue cats.

I am an active editor of the English Wikipedia, where I'm an administrator and arbitrator.


Wikimedia timeline of recent events

I built an HTML/CSS/JavaScript timeline to document events surrounding unrest at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Twitter MBTA tracker

I wrote a RESTful API and a React app to allow people to track the MBTA trains based on tweets about the system.
Backend source · frontend source


GorillaBot is a Python IRC bot framework that can be extended to perform custom actions.

Twitter bots

I have a small contingent of Twitter bots.


Easyreader is some custom CSS and JavaScript that makes Wikipedia articles more comfortable to read.


Streampicker is an alarm clock I created to boot my desktop and show me a Twitch stream I enjoy.


Brandeis is a tool to semi-automatically convert HTML court cases into Wikitext, and then upload them to the English Wikisource.


At Northeastern University, I have had the opportunity do three six-month-long co-ops.

For my third co-op, I worked at HubSpot, a company that develops an inbound marketing and sales software platform. I worked as a frontend and backend engineer on an internal tool to track usage and other events in the HubSpot product. The frontend work was in CoffeeScript and JavaScript, using React, Flux, and Backbone. I also worked on the API, using Java and Dropwizard.

I also did my second co-op at HubSpot. I worked as a frontend developer on the reporting team, where I developed and maintained some of HubSpot's analytics tools. I used CoffeeScript and Backbone, as well as jade, Handlebars, and SASS.

I did my first co-op in January—June 2013, working as a software developer at NxStage Medical, Inc., a renal care device company. My focus was web connectivity for one of their devices; I developed the user experience for connecting the device to a wireless network, and I helped integrate an embedded HTTP server into the system. I primarily used C, C++, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

In the summer of 2013, I participated as a student in Google Summer of Code. I worked with the Wikimedia Foundation to develop the BookManagerv2 extension. This extension will support wikis that host book content by allowing the content to be organized and structured. I wrote this primarily in PHP and JavaScript.


The best way to contact me is by email at

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