Last updated March 4, 2023.

I strongly believe in clear disclosures by journalists and others writing about cryptocurrencies and related topics. All outlets publishing cryptocurrency-related articles should have very clear and prominently-displayed disclosure policies.

I own small amounts (less than $500 worth at time of purchase) of crypto tokens or other crypto assets, which belong to an undisclosed address I use for research purposes. These do not represent a significant portion of my assets, and are used primarily to access token-gated projects and experiment with smart contracts rather than for any attempt to earn a return. If I do somehow end up with more money than I put in as a result, I intend to donate it.

As of November 1, 2022, I am a Fellow at Harvard's Library Innovation Lab, which will be supporting me in continuing my work for a year. This fellowship is enabled by the Democratizing Open Knowledge program, which is funded by the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, a "nonprofit organization committed to preserving humanity's most important information by fostering the development of open-source software and open protocols". As the name suggests, they are organized around the Filecoin project, which is a cryptocurrency/blockchain project. The fellowship has no strings attached as far as my independence in researching and analyzing the crypto industry, and I am not obligated to do any work relating to Filecoin (nor am I obligated not to). Although my focus at the LIL will not involve Filecoin specifically (unless it independently happens to crop up in my work), I still wish to disclose it as a potential conflict of interest, should it come up.

I have a Substack, where some enormously generous people support my work. This includes the writing and research I do pertaining to crypto, as well as all of my other various and sundry interests. There is more detail on this in Issue 0 of my newsletter.

I don't post sponsored content on my Web3 Is Going Great project, its associated Twitter account, this website, my blog, my personal Twitter account, or anywhere else. This will not change. No, I won't promote your project regardless of whether there is money changing hands, so please don't ask.

A few generous people have sent money for W3IGG's cloud hosting and various other upkeep costs, which I otherwise pay out of pocket. There is more information on this, along with a brief expenses report, at the W3IGG – Contribute page. I don't run ads or otherwise directly monetize the site or my blog.

With respect to investments: I hold no long or short positions pertaining to cryptocurrencies or crypto-related companies. I do have some investments in the stock market and other traditional forms of finance, which I pay someone much smarter about and more interested in finance than I am to handle.

While we're here, I'll mention that I don't speak on behalf of an employer or anyone else. I hope it goes without saying, but just to say it: nothing I say should be taken to be financial, investment, legal, professional, or any other kind of advice.