Guest lectures


Government and policy

By date

"Web3 technology and financial solutions"

MIT. 15.483 Consumer Finance & FinTech. (Jonathan Parker).

Web3 overview and discussion

Columbia University. B8462: An Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. (Omid Malekan).

Seminar series: "Blockchain Solutions to Socio-Political Problems"

Harvard University. Mini-seminar series for HLS Beyond program.

Web3 overview and discussion

Queens College, City University of New York. MEDST 381: Advanced Studies in Media: Digital Economics: Crypto, NFTs and the Blockchain. (Douglas Rushkoff).

"Blockchains and digital ethics"

Northeastern University. PHIL 1145: Technology and Human Values. (Vance Ricks and Meica Magnani).

Blockchain history and technical overview

Harvard University. HLS: Governing Digital Technology. (Jonathan Zittrain).

"Popping the Web3 Bubble"

South by Southwest 2023

"Interrogating the Claims of Crypto: Decentralized, Immutable, Anonymous, Transparent"

For a group of policy and regulatory officials.

"Crypto: Innovation and Disruption"

Stanford University. GSBGEN 538: Power in Finance. (Heiner Schulz and Anat Admati).

"Web3 – Current trends and political implications"

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Expert Roundtable on Digital Policy.

Testimony at "Web 3.0 and the Metaverse"

German Bundestag.

Blockchain and crypto Q&A

Harvard University. IGA-237M: Future Issues in Cyber-Security Policy. (Bruce Schneier).

"Is web3 bullshit?"

Web Summit 2022

"The future of crypto: What's next for this craze?" (panel)

Web Summit 2022.

"Blockchain solutionism"

University of Texas at Austin. DES: Anti-Solutionism. (Sam Lavigne).

"Crypotopia: Land of the promised vs. virtual" (panel)

Crypto Policy Symposium.

"A Skeptical View of Current Cryptocurrency and Web3 Activities"

New Hampshire Commission on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets.

"Abuse on the blockchain"

Stanford University. POLISCI 243C: The Politics of Internet Abuse and CS 152: Trust and Safety Engineering. (Shelby Grossman and Alex Stamos).