This page serves as the system of record for my online identity. I control the following personal accounts:

I also own and control the domains and

My usual email addresses are and I have a PGP key which I use for both. I also use for Wikimedia-related matters.

If there's an account claiming to be me that's not on this list, it's probably an impersonator. If it's trying to give you tips on crypto trading, it's definitely an impersonator.

Web3 is Going Great

For my Web3 is Going Great project:

  • Twitter: web3isgreat
  • Mastodon:
  • Bluesky:
  • Instagram: web3isgoinggreat
  • Threads: web3isgoinggreat
  • I own and control the domains (primary) and the redirects,, and

    [1] These go to the same inbox, so please don't email both hoping for a quicker reply.