there have been a LOT of letters coming in from Celsius creditors who are having issues receiving reimbursements from the bankruptcy case

Hello, Sir/Madam. My Name is [redacted]. I had many coins in my Celsius account, and at the time of bankruptcy, the value was more than $26,000. Celsius announced weeks ago that they would send emails to all coin holders. I haven't received an email from them, even though I sent multiple emails. I haven't received a reply or a reply with a link to the most common questions and answers. The money I saved with hard life to invest for my child's future, now even I can't get a fraction back. Please help me and thousands like me to receive our money back. Thank you very much Sincerely, 
Subject: Urgent Distribution Code Errors in Celsius Bankruptcy Case Dear Chief Judge Martin Glenn, I am writing to bring to your attention a critical issue regarding getting an error in the distribution codes provided by Stretto in the ongoing Celsius bankruptcy case. I received the BTC and ETH claim codes for my distribution on February 12th, 2024. I tried to claim the Crypto on PayPal and immediately got an error. The next day I got an email from Stretto that my claim codes cannot be used on PayPal and Venmo. I created multiple support tickets but have got a standard response that is available on the Celsius FAQ. A timely resolution is essential for my financial well-being and I respectfully request your urgent attention to rectify the distribution code issue. Thank you for your attention and understanding.
Dear Judge Martin Glenn, I am writing to you from Australia deeply concerned with the rollout of distribution in Celsius Networks Chapter 11. To this date, I have not received any distribution from this long and painful process and as such it is starting to impact my mental health. What is deeply concerning is that there is no help or assistance when contacting Stretto, Celsius Network or Coinbase. I have complied with the process, my account information matches, and I have waited patiently. That patience is now wearing thin, and I have nobody else to contact for help. I thank you for your fair ruling and hard work during this case, if there is anything you can do in your power to aid this process or hold the distributors accountable that would be much appreciated. 
Your Honor, I have not received my distributions yet. I was informed I had an issue with my Coinbase account. I went back to Coinbase, changed my home address to Hungary, since I relocated from Canada during the bankruptcy process. Still nothing from either Streto or Celsius. I am a dual Canadian and Hungarian citizen. I would not like to receive dollars, especially a US check, since I will have a hard time even depositing it now that I live in Hungary permanently. Please help me moving forward. I have four children, I am the sole bread winner , real inflation is raging in Hungary and I could really use my funds after having waited for almost two years.

over forty letters were filed yesterday, and more are coming in each day