most of the Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX victim impact statements are really heartbreaking. some of them are... not so much

"your honor, i got wrecked by buying a shitcoin"

Victim impact statement: I got wrecked by buying a shitcoin($BOBA), which I highly suspect SBF(who clearly has connections in Stanford) is in cahoot with the team of BOBA token (CEO of enya labs who launched BOBA tokens are from stanford university, and many of the team's members are from Stanford) to pump and dump on the token which goes to $7.49 dollar to less than $0.12. The token is now trading around $0.5~$0.6. This amount of fall is clearly manipulated, in hindsight this is obviously price manipulation to extract money from retail. I lost $50k usd from their shenanigans. This money was supposed to be used for my further education. Now I have to start from the bottom again and I feel strongly that I should be compensated for the fraud and manipulation they pulled on retail users like me. I hope Justice prevails and laws should be used to uphold the integrity, stability and trust of society. Some white collar crimes are obvious, others are very good at hiding their maneuvers, lie with no conscience and covered their tracks carefully not to be caught, both types of criminals should belong in jail and kept away from the public or common people in general.

(the token in question had already tanked well before FTX collapsed)

Price chart of $BOBA, showing an early spike to nearly $8 in November 2021, followed by rapid collapse to <$1 by May 2022.