Ryan Salame (former CEO of the Bahamian portion of FTX) has submitted his sentencing memo. He's asked for no more than 18 months imprisonment for his charges.

He was charged with conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business and conspiracy to make unlawful political contributions and defraud the Federal Election Commission.

He argues that he was not substantially involved in the wrongdoing at FTX and instead lays much of the blame on others (mainly Bankman-Fried and Dan Friedberg).

He argues that his substance abuse (alcohol and unspecified drugs), charitable work, and family commitment should be considered in his sentencing.

Salame is the first of the four other high-level FTX employees to be sentenced. He pleaded guilty (as did all the others), but was the only one who did not have a cooperation agreement.

Salame has agreed to restitution (~$5.6 million) and forfeiture ($6 million, two properties, and a business) which he says "will leave him with no remaining assets".