I open-source all the software I build in my free time. A partial list of my projects is below; the rest can be viewed on my Github profile.


A template for websites displaying annotated text, such as "The (Edited) Latecomer's Guide To Crypto" or Annotated: Sam Bankman-Fried's "FTX Pre-Mortem Overview".

Screenshot of 'The (Edited) Latecomer's Guide To Crypto'


A Twitter bot to attract and report phishing bots that reply to people talking about hacked crypto wallets.

Screenshot of the Twitter profile of @allmybotsgone

Web3 is going just great

A timeline website outlining some of the flaws in projects that fall under the umbrella of web3—cryptocurrencies, distributed finance, NFTs, etc.

Website screenshot of


A CLI dorking tool for use on Github (public or enterprise). Loosely based on another popular dorking tool, it adds support for running queries against lists of users, and optimizes searches to minimize waits caused by Github's API limits.

Static timeline generator

A static site generator to allow people to create their own timelines like the Wikimedia timeline without having to know or write much HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Website screenshot of an example timeline created with the generator

Reading list

A project that powers the dynamic portions of my website: my reading lists, press page, and Wikipedia article list.

Website screenshot of my Wikipedia article list

Massachusetts COVID-19 data scraper

A tool to scrape and format daily COVID-19 data published by the state of Massachusetts for use in the COVID-19 pandemic in Massachusetts Wikipedia article.

Wikimedia timeline of events, 2014–2016

A timeline of events to help illustrate some of the problems the Wikimedia Foundation was exhibiting in 2014–2016, including lack of communication with the editing community, poor transparency, and sudden loss of staff members. Several years later I created the static timeline generator based on this project, after people found the format to be effective and asked how they could create their own.

Website screenshot of my Wikimedia timeline

Twitter bot framework

A very simple framework to get people started creating Twitter bots in Python.