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You may save time by not having to type the code in from scratch, but you will need to step through the output line by line, revising as you go, before you can commit your code, let alone ship it to production. In many cases this will take as much or more time as it would take to simply write the code—especially these days, now that autocomplete has gotten so clever and sophisticated. It can be a LOT of work to bring AI-generated code into compliance and coherence with the rest of your codebase. It isn’t always worth the effort, quite frankly. Generating code that can compile, execute, and pass a test suite isn’t especially hard; the hard part is crafting a code base that many people, teams, and successive generations of teams can navigate, mutate, and reason about for years to come.

In case it might be useful to anyone else, I just wrote a quick Chrome extension to download all PDFs on CourtListener when there are multiple attachments to one docket entry.

Screenshot of a CourtListener docket entry with a main document and seven attachments. A green "Download all PDFs" has been added to the bottom, and is highlighted with a pink arrow overlaid on the screenshot.

It also renames the files all nicely so you don't end up with that whole pile of files with names like "gov.uscourts.nysd.590939.407.26.pdf"

Screenshot of Zotero entry with more than 40 files attached. They're named things like "Attach­ment 1 - Exhibit A - Index of Letters in Support of Samuel Bankman-Fried's Sentencin.pdf" and "Main Document - Sentencing Submission.pdf"

I also just added support so it will work on PACER pages (iff you have the RECAP extension installed, and you should!)

Screenshot of PACER docket entry with multiple attachments, with an arrow pointing to a "Download all PDFs from CourtListener" button

If you use PACER and you don't use RECAP, you should rectify that immediately.