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Cool blogroll project courtesy of Dave Winer . I like that it sorts based on recent posts, and shows a preview of those posts inline.

Blogrolls were a common feature in early websites. A list of blogs you follow. A checklist of places to look at. Advertising our web friendships. Blogrolls were the beginning of today's social web. It's time to take a fresh look at the humble blogroll.
As time has passed, I have found I want more things on my website because I know that if they are there, I have fewer things to maintain. With every passing year, I have more confidence that my website is the safest place for my writing.
The very best thing to keep the web partly alive is to maintain some content yourself - start a blog, join a forum and contribute to the conversation, even podcast if that is your thing. But that takes a lot of time and not everyone has the energy or the knowhow to create like this. The second best thing to do is to show your support for pages you enjoy by being nice and making a slight effort.