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The future core of a internet humane internet, if we are going to be able to use it to do the essential work of surviving this century, is a series of linked routes that stick us all together and supports our communities. This is what the internet needs to accomplish. How to we make that happen? How do we improve not just our telecommunication platform but leverage it towards a better world for all participants?
As time has passed, I have found I want more things on my website because I know that if they are there, I have fewer things to maintain. With every passing year, I have more confidence that my website is the safest place for my writing.


I just finally deployed something I've been working on for a few weeks now: a feed of my writing, posting, reading, and other various activity that lives on my website at!

I've admired the POSSE ("Publish [on your] Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere") model for a long time, but only finally found the time and energy to put something together that I'm actually happy with.

The feed is built on top of the reading list software I've been running for a few years, and it ingests posts from Citation Needed.

I can also write posts in the microblog and automatically crosspost them to Twitter/Mastodon/Bluesky, while keeping the original post on my site. Like this!

It's still super alpha, and I'm sure it will require a lot of bugfixes and future dev, but it's been really fun to work on some web software and move further in the indieweb direction.