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So excited to hear that the Ghost blogging software is going to support federation via ActivityPub!

If you sign up for updates, they have a survey where they're asking for feedback. Now's your chance to get your suggestions in!

Cool to see Ghost taking this step, while Substack is over there trying to build walls around their product to trap people in.

Ghost's post is also how I learned that Buttondown is working on ActivityPub support! 🙌 Exciting times.

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Last week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee had a hearing all about Section 230, in which they didn’t even attempt to find a witness pointing out its benefits. Among the many organizations that could have provided that vital perspective is the Wikimedia Foundation (as seen in three excellent posts on Medium), and this week we’re joined by Rebecca MacKinnon, Wikimedia’s VP of Global Advocacy and long-time open internet defender, to talk about why the hearing was bad and Section 230 is very, very important.